Below are some helpful Tips & Tricks that will help you create your perfect Mini Moment. 


How many of my babies can use Mini Moments?

As you have more children, you have the ability to add a new profile for each child. Or if you have twins or more at once, you can set up a multiple profiles at once. The main screen will allow you to add a profile picture and name for each baby so  you can navigate from one to the other with ease.

Can I use Mini Moments if I have twins, triplets or more?

Yes you can! You can use our Bespoke Section to add your babies and as much Announcement text as you would like.

What is the Announcement Section?

Mini Moments App has been created to take the time and hassle off new parents, sourcing and laying out the perfect items to photograph with their new born baby. Our Announcement Section currently has over 20 beautifully designed themes which are complimented with items bought from all over the world. We believe we have created themes to suit almost every new parents taste. If you are feeling creative and would like to design your very own theme, you can do so in our Bespoke Section! New themes will be uploaded on a regular basis so our users have even more creative options to choose from.

What is the Milestone Section?

Our Milestone Section allows you to continue capturing your baby's growth progress from one week old. The exact themes available in our Announcement Section have been tweaked so you can photograph and share your baby's journey at one, two and three weeks and monthly from one month old through to your baby's first birthday!

What is Bespoke and what is included in the Bespoke Section?

Bespoke basically means to have something custom made or designed by you.

Our Bespoke Section allows you to create a theme to perfectly suit your baby. Each individual item bought from around the globe has been uploaded into our Bespoke Section, enabling you to pick a background from one of our themes and any props from the others. You can also add any wording to your theme such as "I got my first tooth", allowing you to capture, create and share every important part of your baby's first year. 

What's in the Special Occasions Section?

We have created a beautiful theme for so many special occasions and events that occur all around the world. Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day are just to name a few! As these special events near, the theme will be uploaded and available for you to use. We're always on the look out for new cultural celebrations, so get in contact with us if we've missed an occasion you'd love created and we'll do our best!

How does the Gallery Section work?

All your baby's final images will be saved to the their personal Gallery Section. Each baby you have a profile set up for, will have a personal Gallery Section so you can navigate through all your images with ease.

Once an image is saved in the Gallery Section, you have the option of selecting the 'Edit' button to delete the image or move the image to another baby's profile.

The Gallery Section also has a 'Play' button that creates a slideshow of all of the images saved to your gallery to share with family and friends on any social media outlet.

All your baby's images are also automatically saved to your phone's native gallery so you can share an individual photo at a later date!


What is the best way to photograph my baby?

Ensure you take a front on photo of your baby and not on an angle.

Place your baby in an area that has the most natural lighting and try to avoid having shadows cover any part of your baby. There is a flash function if required.

When photographing your baby, its best for the cropping process if you lay your baby on a contrast colour background. So if you have your baby dressed in a light colour then lay your baby on a darker colour blanket. Its best to keep the blanket plain and avoid fur.

What does 'Processing Image' do? 

Once you have selected and theme and selected your baby's photo, the app technology will remove as much of the background around your baby as it can, leaving you to clean up around the edges.

If you find the process removes too much of your baby, you can select the 'Restore' button in the Edit Image stage to restore what you would like added back.

What does the 'Erase' button do?

The 'Erase' button allows you to delete any of the remaining background after the Processing Image stage.

The first thing you may notice are two red dots on the image of your baby. The red dot with the fingerprint image is where you place your finger and the solid red dot is the eraser. You simply tap the phone screen to move the eraser to where you want it. You have the option of four different erase dot sizes. The larger red dot enables you to delete large background images and the tiny red dot allow you to remove background right up against your baby.

If you accidentally erase an area of your baby, you can hit the Restore button and use the red dots in the same way as the erase function.

Tip - You can use your fingers to increase the size of your baby's image which allows you to erase even the smallest background image. Simply tap the picture of your baby and move your fingers in an outward motion to increase the size and inwards together to make the image smaller again. 

If you find the Erase red dots disappear, just tap on the screen and the Erase dot will reappear.


What is the ‘Show Lay’ button?

The Show Lay button allows you to temporarily remove the theme behind your baby's photo, so you can clearly see any parts you have missed when Erasing the unwanted background around your baby. As soon as you would like your chosen theme to be visible, just select the Show Lay button again.


What does the 'Soften' button do?

The Soften button will place a very slight shadow around your baby. The function softens the edges around your baby to blend with your chosen theme, creating a seamless image finish. 

What Text can I add?

Once you have your baby's image ready, you can then add your baby's announcement text. This includes name, birthday date, length in either inches or centimetres, weight in either pounds or kilograms and the time of your baby's birth. Once all of the information has been added, the text will automatically drop into your chosen theme in a font and colour that we think you'll love. 

If you want to change the font style, colour or sizing, you can do so by selecting from a huge range of fonts and colours. If you would like to move the font or chose a custom font size, just tap the text you would like to move and use your finger to slide it to the position you would like. You can also change the angle of the text with your fingers.

If you have forgot to add any text or accidentally delete it, just hit Back and add the missing text again.

How do I share my Mini Moment?

Once you have completed your Announcement or Milestone image, you can select the 'Share' button to send it via any social media or email or text. The image will be saved automatically to both your Mini Moments gallery and also your phone's native gallery so you can upload your image at a later time.

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